Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are necessary to protect your fire extinguisher from tampering, weather or simply to install for aesthetic purposes. Extinguisher cabinets can be made from steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and plastic. Mounting can be surface mounted, or can be recessed. Extinguisher cabinets come in a vast array of choices and prices.

If it’s a standard cabinet of custom order we can fill your order and install it for you to your specification if needed.

We carry a full line of fire extinguisher and hose cabinets both fire and non fire rated.

Being distributors for such fine manufactures as

JL Industries, Samson, Larson, Potter Roemer and Cato, we work directly with the manufactures to get you the best pricing and selection.

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If you need accessories for your cabinets, we carry a full line of signs, breaker bars and replacement covers and well as padlocks.
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We also carry a fill line of

Click to view PDF file for roof and access panels

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