Tritium Exit Signs

We offer a full selection of Tritium self-luminous signs and covers.

Tritium self-luminous FREE energy for 10-20 years! Self-luminous exit signs are the most reliable exit signs offered today. They require no external energy source, no electrical wiring or batteries and are always ready to provide an effective, maintenance-free exit marking system. Your first cost is your last cost!

  • No electricity, no batteries
  • NEW! Vandal-proof casing/institutional frame now available!
  • Weather-proof
  • Damp location listed
  • Universal top or side mounting bracket included
  • No maintenance
  • Easy installation, no wires
  • Letter-shaped light tubes give the best light in the industry
  • Concealed mounting
  • Suitable for floor proximity mounting

tritium_self_lum_49 signandcocer